you vandalize my neighborhood
with your piercing eyes
and devilish charm

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What is your favorite moments with Stef and lena? What is your favorite moment of just them together alone?
- Anonymous

my favorite moment with both stef and lena is probably when they asked jude and i if we wanted to be a permanent part of the family and then hugged us :-) 

my favorite moment with/of stef separately was when she calmed me down after i told her that i didn’t kiss my mom goodbye the night she died. she had some pretty wise words to say, that woman. i feel like we really understand each other because we’re so much alike.

my favorite moment of lena was actually nothing that i can think of with myself specifically; my favorite moments of her are actually every single time she’s talked to my brother and made him feel better or helped him with something he’s struggling with. lena is just an amazing woman; i’m so lucky to have gotten to know her. and i’m so relieved that she was able to comfort judey and be a shoulder for him to lean on. 


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Favorite thing about each of your siblings?
- Anonymous

jude - i love my judey. and everything about him. my favorite thing about him right now is how independent he’s become. i’m so proud to call him my baby brother — whoops. guess he’s not really so much of a baby anymore, is he? 
mariana - how kind-hearted she is. and how fun to be around she is. mari always has other’s best intentions in mind, too. 
jesus - that kid is so determined. he’s also really quick to make people laugh and just an overall good guy. i’m lucky to know him.
brandon - he’s my best friend. so i guess my favorite thing about him is how much we trust each other and how understanding he always is. b’s also very hard-working, too. his ability to overcome hardships is admirable.
sophia - her bubbliness and friendliness. she’s so sweet. how on earth can she be related to me? :-P

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it's honesty hour;

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Sounds fine.  Just be sure your homework is done before you go.  Have fun!

Will do. Thanks, Stef.

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Catching Up With a Friend ll Carmen & Callie


" I’m alright just been busy with school work and chores as usual but if i kept doing good Rita might consider see i can sign up to take art classes " Carmen said with a smile . Carmen take sip of tea then few seconds later she realize she forget to ask how her friend is doing , " How are you and anything interesting happen since i last saw you  ? Carmen ask the other girl politely .

"That’s really really great," she says, genuinely excited for the girl. Callie takes a sip of her own iced tea. "Oh, I’m doing well. Been pretty busy with school and photography stuff. Other than that, though, not much." She shrugs. 

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You and Mariana seem like you guys are super close, are you? I love the funny picture she posted of you and Stef.
- Anonymous

yeah we are pretty close :-)


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Awee, Mariana's post of the video that she posted to those mean people is adorable because she said stuff about you. Also the picture that she posted of you guys with Stef just cracks me up
- Anonymous

nice one, mari. you go girl. 

i love that pic of mariana, stef, and i. it’s hilariously dorky. my two favorite things.


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Hey, Stef. Sophia invited me to sleep over her house tomorrow night. Is that alright…?


Yeah, I suppose. What time will you be home on Sunday?

Um…maybe around 2? That okay?

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